Rachel was my Doula in May of 2014 when I gave birth to my first child, Isabel. She met with us beforehand, making certain we were well-informed and aware of her role. I felt confident going into natural labor because of the information she’d provided for us and the techniques and skills she planned to use. She has a very common-sense, non-judgmental, and compassionate attitude as a Doula.

When the time came, she spent hours encouraging and coaching me. She was not pushy, but very respectful of boundaries and responsive to what I needed and when. If I felt I could handle it on my own, she let me. When things started to get intense, she was right there using the techniques she’d talked about, reminding me that I could do it, and holding my hand through it.

Much of the delivery is a blur to me now, as it happened so fast, but Rachel was such an important part of my daughter’s birth story. I wanted a natural childbirth but didn’t feel confident until Rachel stepped in as my Doula. Everything went just as I’d hoped, and I had a wonderful experience. She was excellent in her postpartum care as well.

I hired her again for my second daughter’s birth in January of 2016. Once again, she was everything I mentioned and more. I had another successful natural birth.  God made Rachel to be a Doula, I’m sure of it. I would recommend her without any hesitations to anyone who wants to be encouraged and coached through their labor and delivery.


I had a very good experience working with Rachel. This was my first time ever working with a doula, and I’ll admit, I had my reservations, but it was really a great experience.

The main thing that won me over was that this was very helpful for my wife, and as she was the one going through everything, of course I wanted her to get the most help with the process as possible. Now that’s not to say that it wasn’t helpful to me also, because it was! Rachel stayed with us through the entire labor and delivery process and when I was exhausted from helping after staying up all night and most of the day, she took over so I could sleep for a little bit.

She helped tremendously throughout the entire process with giving ideas  for getting my wife into comfortable positions or ideas to help her progress quicker in labor, but she was always conscious of not stepping on my toes or pushing my wife to do something that she didn’t want to do. She let us handle interactions with the Doctors and nurses, and gave advice if asked or discussed things with us, but never pushed anything on us.

We were very grateful for Rachel as she was a great friend and help during such a momentous  event in the life of our family!


Rachel Crissman was the kind of Doula that inspires you to keep going. She attended my birth while pregnant with her son and stayed by my side throughout long grueling hours and waited for me while I had a cesarean. My labor was hard and long and I was scared. Rachel was there to hold my hand to remind me of what I wanted and encourage me to keep pushing forward.

I valued her support and kindness as I fought an uphill battle. I felt nothing but loving acceptance as she stood by my side. Things didn’t go as I had planned but she was there every step of the way. I appreciated how she listened to what I wanted and never wavered in helping me to remember the things that were important to me during my labor.

When it became apparent that I was going to have a C-section Rachel was emotionally connected to me and I felt that she knew what I was going through. That kind of support is what a doula is all about. I am so thankful that she was with me for the birth of my daughter.


My husband and I were blessed to be able to hire Rachel as our doula for our little girl’s birth in July of 2016.

To be be able to put into words what Rachel meant to us is really quite hard. Her presence, knowledge, and encouragement was invaluable throughout the entire process. Almost everything about my birth was completely different from what we had wanted and planned, but at every new decision Rachel was calm and her experience in birth was a huge help, especially for us as first time parents.

She was with us through every stage and was pretty much the steady rock of the group. She made me feel like we could get through it and that it would be worth it all when we had our little girl in our arms.

Even after birth when we struggled with breastfeeding she came to the hospital and used her knowledge of tongue ties to help us know what needed to happen and I completely believe that my breastfeeding relationship with my baby would have failed without her.

She responded to every worried/strange postpartum text and she went above and beyond what I would ever expect of a doula. Originally we hadn’t planned to hire anyone but I am so glad our plans changed and we had the BEST doula ever!


Rachel was my doula on Mother’s Day 2015 at Breath of Life Birth Center. She herself was very pregnant! Her calm energy gave me a sense of peace. My birth was everything I could have asked for. I can’t think of a better person to help bring our baby into this world with!

Birthing a child is such an amazing crazy thing. When I was in labor land I just remember Rachel by my side the entire time walking me through each contraction & putting my mind at ease.


I would recommend her without any hesitations to anyone who wants to be encouraged and coached through their labor and delivery.


We were very grateful for Rachel as she was a great friend and help during such a momentous  event in the life of our family!